• 4 Tesla charging stations
  • 6 universal charging stations
  • 1 play room
  • 1 versatile lounge
  • 1 library
  • 1 theatre
  • 1 community garden
  • an outdoor and indoor yoga studio
  • 1 fitness centre
  • no need to go out

These versatile amenities are perfect for decompressing on busy weeknights and have enough substance for family-style weekend activities.

The Yoga

  • a quiet space
  • 1 terrace
  • 0 cares

You have a million things to do tomorrow and you’re still trying to catch up to yesterday. The yoga studio stops time and turns your worries into memories. Namaste.

The Fitness

  • 2 saunas
  • energy harnessing fitness equipment
  • fitness equipment
  • free weights
  • strength sweat
  • a better you

Of course sometimes the road to inner peace is actually a treadmill, so the fitness centre offers a host of high-energy and high-performance fitness equipment. And because life is all about balance there’s also a no-energy sauna.

The Terrace

  • 6000 sqft.
  • 1 community garden
  • barbecues (with prep tables)
  • multiple dining rooms (with overhead trellises)
  • 1 fire pit
  • perimeter encircling hedges (for seclusion)

This space will warm your soul in any season. Spend the spring soaking up the fresh scent of the hedges. Host a midsummer dinner featuring ingredients harvested that morning. While away fall evenings beside a roaring fire. Then pass the winter longing for spring. Longing is good for the soul too.

The Play Room

  • 1 tree house
  • 1 chalkboard wall
  • hours of play

Show kids the Play Room and let them do their thing. Don’t overthink it, the kids won’t.




The Lounge

  • 1 large dining table
  • 1 wet bar
  • 1 catering kitchen
  • 1 library
  • cozy seating
  • 1 or 2 drinks with the neighbours
  • a bash
  • a quiet night in

Prep a 4-course meal and try to recreate the cocktail from the other night. Or curl up with a good book in the library. Indulge yourself, whatever your definition of relaxation. This space welcomes interpretation.

The Theatre

  • tiered, reclining seats
  • acoustic panels
  • popcorn a good movie (to taste)

Pop a bowl of popcorn and dim the lights. Then laugh, cry, or scream yourself silly. Substitute unreasonably priced tickets for extra snacks.

The Charging

  • 4 Tesla charging stations
  • 6 universal charging stations
  • 1 rainwater carwash
  • 0 emissions

You return home from running errands and plug in the car. Then head up to your suite with groceries and a sense of satisfaction.